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Yo, try your best not to hate. I\'m a recent convert from the Milsim, woodsball, and even the speedball (Xball) paintball world. No one around here plays paintball anymore but man, there are some sick airsoft games. So, after over a decade of sprayin paint, I sold the paintball gear and dove headfirst into airsoft.

The first time I opened a gearbox, I pooped... Seriously, I had no idea what I was doing.

I\'m starting to get the hang of the airsoft jazz, but I\'ve definitely still got some dumbstupid questions to ask. I live in midcoast Maine and I\'m just trying to get as much experience and play time in as I can before the weather turns frosty... even then, I\'ll probably rig up a goggle fan and play in the snow.



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