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Showcase cover image for DEVGRU HK416

General Information

Hey guys! You\'re looking at a DEVGRU styled VFC HK416. It\'s painted with an AOR1 design that I painted myself. It consists of three colors, and is layered with my own stencils. I created this gun to use with my 2011 DG kit. Here is a list of the internals:

-Prommy 6.03 extended TBB
-Prommy purple bucking
-Prowin Hop up
-Lonex A2 Motor
-Wiring updated
-Lonex 8mm bearing shell
-Lonex tappet plate
-Lonex cut off lever
-VFC air nozzle
-VFC cylinder
-VFC cylinder head
-Sorbo pad
-Lonex Blue piston
-AOE corrected
-Bearing spring guide
-M195 Spring
-13:1 gears
-Trigger contacts updated



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