Dj Androctonus

  • Kitlist:

    1st line:
    Pantac molle belt
    2x NFM Pistol mag / 40mm pouches
    1x NFM Dump pouch
    1x Combatkit Medic pouch
    TM Glock 17 with M3X - Safariland 6004

    2nd line:
    1x NFM pistol mag - for Leatherman
    1x NFM Utility pouch - with callsign
    1x NFM Bravo medic pouch
    1x NFM TQ pouch
    2x NFM double mag pouch \"dessert\"
    1x NFM double mag pouch \"forest\"
    3x NFM 2x M4/416 mag pouches
    1x NFM Utility pouch
    1x Custom hydration pouch with 3liter camelbac - with callsign
    1x Noname - PRC152 pouch
    1x Selex H4855 pouch

    Brain bucket:
    Ops-core fast ballistic
    Norotos Rhino NVG mount
    Peltor Comtac II Dualcomm
    ESS Turbofan eyepro
    MS-2000 strobe

    Crye Precision G3 combat pants
    NFM Garm Combatshirt
    Crispi S.W.A.T. EVO Gore-Tex
    Granqvist combat gloves
    Tacticool \"IFF\" Norwegian flag
    Tacticool callsign
    For rainy days:
    Cato-Ringstad M/2002 Gore-tex uniform

    TRI PRC152 -> Peltor PTT -> Peltor Comtac Dualcomm
    Selex H4855 w/wireless PTT

    Tokyo Marui HK416D Next Gen
    RS - HK416 rail
    RS - Insight M3X with IR filter
    RS - HK vertical grip / Magpul AFG2
    Aimpoint CompM4
    Aimpoint 3x magnifier with twist mount
    G&P AN/PEQ2A
    VFC front folding sight
    VFC back folding sight
    VFC gasblock with \"gas regulator\"
    VFC 16\" barrel with bayonet lug (M27 IAR kit)
    B&T Rotex III suppressor
    B&T Rail covers
    Freedom Art buffertube sviwel ring

    This will allways be a \"work in progress\", and not up to date..


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