• Ontario, Oregon, 19 Years old
    My name is DJ Jamison, and I am from Ontario, Oregon. I enjoy Airsoft, and I have for a few years now. I haven\'t been in any events, however, I have organized plenty of Skirmishes with groups of friends that play with me. I am currently in the process of creating my own team.

    I don\'t consider my self to be a pro in Airsoft. I still consider myself an ameteur, since I have yet to be in a professional match. I plan to soon partake in events close to me, which are all hosted in Boise, Idaho.

    My Primary Weapon is an Echo1 Advanced Sniper Rifle. As a side arm I have a Smith & Wesson pistol that I purchased from a retail store awhile back. I understand that I am far outgunned compared to most players, however I still try my best. I hope to be able to afford a M249 or a PKM eventually, so that I can take the Support Role.​


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