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General Information

To sum up the past day or two of having it, it was a lot like getting my RC Helicopter for Christmas, the first few days were so hard! But in the end it was worth it. I love the DE M56DL, because its looks so cool, i would've saved up for the Echo 1, but its not multishot. You can get this as RSOV, Gunnerairsoft, Airsplat (got mine here) , Actionhobbys, and maybe somewhere else.

-First Impressions
As I opened this box, I was so excited! My first shotgun, and it was Tri-Shot. I got a manual, and a foam protector, and the gun. As I picked it up, something clouded my mind, it was light! Or, not as heavy as I had expected don't get me wrong, its got some good weight, but the bottom tube (in a real shotgun, where the extra shells go) there was no large metal weight like I've seen in to many other shotguns. Cocking it, was hard! Loading the shell, was hard!

Looks great, matte black, it looks very tactical, its got a collapsible stock, which I just love! It does have some metal parts, Like the 2 tubes, but from my quick inspection, that's all.

As I said, it was light, but not to light, the grip, cocking grip, and part of the stock, was coated with a nice rubber. Its got a very nice balance, and when you finally cock it, its feels so nice to shoot!

Hmm..performance...well, the stock is easy to move back and forth from short to long, but ti does leave some scratches, which show silver metal. After cocking it (which if I didn't mention, actually gets easier over time) you just pull the trigger, and hope. Or at least mine, doesn't always shoot, just shoots air, and I have checked to see if BB's are still in the shell! To fix it, I remove the shell, and half cock it, to remove the BB's that are in the gun. (ready to be loaded) I've found pointing the gun down can help, but not 100%, maybe I need to oil it and stuff. It does however, mutilate! cans.

Well, it does come with a rail, which is plastic, where you can put a RDS or scope, I plan on getting an Eotech. I'm quite sure you can add a shell holder to either the body or the stock of the gun. Also, you can probably find a mount that can clasp onto on of the barrels to add a laser or flashlight.

No, I haven't modified it, and I doubt it could, having 3 barrels, it will be hard to add tight bores, and a new spring would make it impossible to cock.

Over, this gun is fun. Shooting 3 shots at once and hitting something only to have the object disfigured is fun. I'd give this gun 8/10, which for someone who was expecting waaay more than a $50 shotgun, is pretty good.

Setting aside the fact that some times it has feeling problems, and its hard to cock. I would Highly recommend this gun, good job DE.



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