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Showcase cover image for Double Eagle M804a/b

General Information

  • Features: 1:1 Full Scale Fully Electric Powered Sturdy ABS
    Plastic replica of the wolrd famous H&K 416 CQC variant
  • Full Automatic - Semi Automatic Magazine Clip Capacity: 250+ BB's Metal
    Internal Barrel
  • Flip Up Front and Rear Aiming Sights Adjustable Hop Up System Velocity
    (FPS): 315 Shooting Range: 100-150 Feet Caliber: 6MM Working Safety
  • 3 Position Collapsible Stock Gun R.I.S. (Rail Interface System) Tactical
  • Length: 28.5"
  • hefty weight
  • bayonet lug, similar to M4 (barrel length makes bayonet mounting difficult)



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