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The DPMS Carbine, it's not mine, my friend stores it at my house though since he only uses it here. So here's what I think of it. He Got it at ****'s Sporting Goods.

-First Impressions
When I picked up this gun, I wasn't thrilled. It was lightweight, more than 90% of it is plastic, and was terribly unbalanced, all the weight came from its huge battery. The front sight can't come off like most M4's, its a full buttstock, and cant come off, the flashhider is part of the barrel, so no silencers. At lower than 300 FPS, it's not a very good gun for 80 bucks.

First of all, it doesn't look like a standard M4 to me at least. The stock isn't an LE or Crane, just a classic M16 Stock. Other than that its ok to look at. The looks aren't what isn't good about this gun, it could be an "OK" movie prop if you were willing to use tape on the flash hider.

Yeah, its light, the heaviest part of the gun is probably the battery. Shooting it isn't so fun either, I'm not sure what battery it came with, but its slower than my MP5's 8.4v. Its weak too, at under 300 FPS, it only manages to dent a coke can. But, as my friend states, "This gun is meant to be light so you can run fast with it, and then lay down heavy 450 FPS firepower." Talk about a useless run-on sentence...Don't let it confuse you, this gun is under 300 FPS, not 450.

This gun is very bad at shooting. Lets start with the magazine, it jams easily and frequently, it may hold a lot of BB's but you need to constantly wind it, even with my small dexterous hands its not easy. The gun, is weak, doesn't penetrate a soda can, let alone even hit it. This gun shoot somewhat straight lines with .2's but i would not try to make this gun an M4 Sniper.

It came with a grip, which stays on tightly, and comes off easily when you want to remove it. It also can with a cheap Red Dot Sight, its hard to line it up. I don't even know why it can with one since the front sight blocks your view anyway...
It does however have a removable carrying handle, to add a red dot scope if your that desperate to make this gun look worthy of an airsoft collection.

Like most M4's today, it comes with 4 RIS rails on the barrel, and one under the carrying handle. I wouldn't put much on the Barrel's rails though, the bottom one just snapped off when i was holding it with my sniper's bipod on it. I wouldn't try to mod this thing though, get a real airsoft gun before you go spending money on attachments.

Overall, this is a terrible gun, if your on a low budget, this gun is OK, but it cost's $100, just get a JG MP5A5 or something actually worth "having".

Don't get this gun unless your desperate, actually, don't even get this gun if your desperate. For that money, you could at least get a Cm.028, which isn't embarrassing to show off. Good one DPMS, way to waist money manufacturing a terrible gun!



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