-APS HYBRiD gearbox shell
    -APS 8mm steel bushings
    -Siegetek Gen2 9T Dual Sector Gear (DSG)
    -Siegetek 14:1 bevel and spur
    -XYT/ACM Pinion
    -SHS Piston, swiss cheesed, epoxied rack
    -AOE corrected w/ sorbo & neo
    -APS Piston Head
    -APS cylinder
    -APS cylinder head, Teflon taped
    -SHS AK air nozzle (long)
    -CYMA nylon tappet plate
    -NukeFet MOSFET, 16ga wiring, Deans
    -SHS M170 spring

    -Motor: SRC Can, Matrix 3000 Neodymium Magnets, ZCI 16TPA Armature, CYMA/ACM endbell, Shimmed armature and magnets.

    P.S. I am not a part of the group/company Umbrella Armories. Nor did they work on this gun for me. Their patch is in the picture because they gave me one of their patches, and I am a supporter of their company.


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