DV8 Airsoft field

  1. Blackjack_MilSim
    "MilSim Field"
    Pros - Friendly people, unique games, milsim, massive field, market, food, and restrooms, all ages.
    Cons - milsim, very long games.
    The staff and players are friendly as well the gameplay and field are unique. I have fun playing here but it's mostly a MilSim field so there isn't a lot of fooling around to have fun and if you want to do that then play on the days Black Tiger is renting the field. The field is massive and yes they do use vehicles but there are times you aren't going to use it or be able to ride in it. The games are unique with attack and defend using the vehicles and a mortar. What isn't that good is that the games are too long so 10-6 they'll only get about 5-10 games in. There are only the field games so you cannot go off and do your own games using other sides of the field and if you miss one game you'll be sitting there a while. There is the on-field market, food, and restrooms.