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Showcase cover image for E&L AKS74U Custom

General Information

Externals: LCT PBS-04, Zenitco style rail, LCT pistol grip, Romanian stock, Century Arms wooden top handguard, Ect.

-Stock barrel lapped.
-Modify flathop nub and soft flathop bucking.
-Stock metal hop chamber, tuned.
-Retro Arms air nozzle.
-Stock cylinder head, teflon airsealed.
-ZCI steel cylinder.
-CYMA metal rack piston.
-Rack glued.
-Stock POM silent piston head.
-AOE corrected.
-Stock (M110?) Spring.
-Stock metal ball bearing QD spring guide.
-Stock nylon tappet plate.
-SHS tappet delayer chip, trimmed for best tappet timing.
-SHS 13:1 gears.
-SHS steel bushings.
-Sigma MOSFET.
-XYT pinion gear.
-Stock 22TPA motor, removed old magnets and inserted Neodymium magnets.
-GAW magwell block.



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