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Originally Posted by SKDTac

The LE Active Shooter Chest Rig was designed to provide the First Responder a quick donning platform to operate from during critical incidents. The rig holds a total of eight 30rnd M4 Carbine magazines and four pistol magazines, while providing additional space for the ancillary equipment carried by the First Responder.

The two outboard carbine magazine pouches feature 1" fastex buckles for added security in addition to the standard Velcro closure. The two inboard carbine magazine pouches feature loop on the inside, so that the end user can pre-stage the flap open for a faster reload. The pistol magazine pouches each feature their own separate flap, and are sized to fit most common semi-auto magazines such as the Glock 17, Smith and Wesson M&P Series, 1911, and Beretta to name a few.

The front shoulder attachment features QD buckles for immediate access to a downed officer or for a WMD Decontamination situation. The platform features an internal pocket that runs the entire length of the rig, and it is accessed on top behind the two inboard carbine magazine pouches. A special holster covered in Hook is offered, so the end user can place a pistol in this opening for immediate access.

There are also three columns of PALS webbing on each wing for personalization depending on the needs of the end user, such as a radio pouch, medical kit, etc.

I've had this rig for about two or three months and it has been skirmished twice (and has also been worn around the house due to the fact that it makes me feel powerful >__> )

Overall the quality of this rig is stupendous. It is made from 1000D condura and almost everything is double stitched.

The rig does not come with the EMT pouch on the right or the M4 pouch on the left. It does however come with with 4 built in 4 pouches. Two of which have fastex buckles + velcro, the other two (middle ones) only have velcro. There is also a map/pistol pouch on the adjacent side of the pouches. All of the pouches hold 2 5.57x45 mags. The pouches with the buckles also have the ability to house two pistol mags (or speed loaders,)

On both the left and right side of the rig are 3 columns/rows of molle webbing to mount after market pouches. (EMT pouches fit perfectly)

The buckles themselves are very durable and feel as if they are well above the quality of the buckles you normally find on condor gear.

The rig is definitely lighter than a plate carrier, but due to the fact that is 1000D it is nearing the weight of some Condor 600D plate carriers. The quality of this rig is great, the molle is well stitched compared to Condor and doesn't undo itself if you pull too hard with pliers.

There are two shoulder straps which each have two rows of one column molle on them.

The strap which wraps around the waste is fully adjustable to those skinny guys out there whose wastes are sub 30. The strap also allows for the mounting of both molle and belt mounted dump pouches.

Definately worth the money, I would recommend this over any $90 condor plate carrier you find yourself eye, it is well worth the money, and holds a lot more than it looks like it does.




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