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The Echo 1 Socom 16, or Socom M14, the Scout Variation of the standard M14.

The Echo 1 Socom is a very hefty AEG, weighting in at close to 10 lbs. When you look at it it's no surprise, the whole gun is sturdy right out of the box. From the full metal components to the ABS plastic stock the build quality of this AEG is apparent.

The Socom is compatible with other parts from companies like CYMA and Tokyo Marui, and not just other scout variations, but the standard M14 as well.

The gear box is metal, with a standard set of internals that you might expect from an entry level AEG. Echo 1 has gone to great lengths to make this a more than just a gun for beginners however. The gearbox internals are much better made than those in the Cyma M14, so you can expect them to last some time before you need to replace anything. RoF is good, but not as fast as the Cyma, this helps to avoid some of theunnecessarywear and tear on the gears during use.

The Socom is a much shorter sporting a 455mm barrelcomparedto the standard m14's 510mm. This makes it far more viable for CQB.

Overall this AEG is a well built gun, and a great investment for anyone looking for a DMR platform, or if you just want something a little different than thebarrageof M4s and AKs out there.



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