• Customized by myself.

    Now has:
    -11.1v 2200mAh 45-90C LiPo Battery (Deans)
    -SHS Hi-Torque Motor (Short)
    -SHS 16:1 Gen3 Gearset (Shimmed)
    -SHS Metal Sector Delay Chip
    -SHS Blue 15 Metal Tooth Piston (Teeth Filed)
    -Prometheus SP120 Spring
    -ZCI Stainless Steel Cylinder (Ported, Polished)
    -SHS Aluminum G36 Piston Head (2x O-Ring) + Sorbo/Neoprene
    -SHS Aluminum Air Nozzle (O-ring)
    -Madbull Blue Bucking(Flat-Hopped, HSArmory Flat Nub)
    -Polished Stock Brass Barrel

    -Matrix Velocity Reducer (Innards removed, now just mock flash hider)
    -Battery box made from aluminium flashing and duct tape
    -MarPat Camo-Form

    FPS measures consistently at 320FPS +/-4 FPS
    ROF is very high, I haven\'t measured it.


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