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My name is Ed.
I've been collecting airsoft guns and playing airsoft since 2008. I
worked in an airsoft retail store as well for about a year (left due to
business being ran very unprofessional by superiors, among other
reasons); I worked as a sales person, manager, a referee at both indoor
and outdoor locations, ran events, handled online sales and website, and
even doing reviews on guns via YouTube (both privately and
If you wanna check out my private reviews, when I rarely do them, go to
like to say I'm pretty knowledgeable on most airsoft guns I've dealt
with, and have not only learned about many, but also used and played
games with plenty. Also working in an airsoft retail store, I've seen
not only many rare guns come in, but also seen many returns/defects with
many products and brands, and noticed many trends on guns breaking in
certain ways or manufactures problem in products, etc. (For example,
while KWA guns can perform awesome, their GBB pistols have terrible
quality control, and 1 out of every 4 I've seen have been defective
right out of the box.)
Feel free to ask me about any gun, and if I
know anything about, I'll always give you my 100% honest opinion and
personal experience about it. Any guns I don't know anything about I'm
always looking to learn. I'm not too big on internals, but know my way
around a gearbox decently.

Some of my personal guns as of me writing this (Dec. 2012)
Tokyo Marui M733
Umarex/Elite Force G36C
CYMA/Cybergun AK-47
UTG M3 Tri-shot Shotgun
Umarex/Elite Force M92 GBB
are all ones I've had for a while/newer ones. I've bought and sold many
other guns. Most of these are pretty heavily customized/upgraded too.)

of the best manufactures in the business, and my personal favorites are
Elite Force/Umarex, Echo 1, Tokyo Marui, and Cybergun.

located in central New Jersey, and go to college. I play the bass guitar
and guitar (though not so much these days.) I love music, favorite
bands are Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana, among many others. I enjoy
all types of music though (except country, and any religious
). Im either really chill and relaxed or extremely worked up (either excited or angry), not too much in between.



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