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General Information

Been playing airsoft for about a year now, but more towards collecting at the moment. Airsoft is in the grey area of the law, straying towards illegal, from where i am so games are rare and sometimes illegal.

My equipment so far :
JG36C, the very first i have owned, works great till now
Socom Gear Gemtech Oasis, quiet, powerful, for plinking, not really for games, it shoots over 400+FPS
TM M.E.U, favourite piece since im a 1911 fanboy
Tercel M05A, given to me by a friend recently, needs advice and tips to improve it

I used to play paintball competitively until the team disbanded. Still do occasionally. Love firearms and shooting but where i am it is very hard to get the permit to own one and rental at the range is quite expensive.

Thats about it. Cheers guys.



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