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General Information

I always loved the AUG A3 for its unique look and abundance of rail space, but the front rail is just too heavy no matter how cool it looks.

By removing the CNC front rail / hand guard of the JG AUG A3, I found that:

1) It weights significantly can fly like the wind even with multiple accessories.
2)You can hold it by the trigger guard P90-style to get a really firm brace on the gun.
3) There\'s more than enough space on the long top rail to put anything you need, and it\'s surprisingly rigid.
4) Secure a sling to the butt stock using velcro tape like I did to get the \"straight-down\" transition hang you\'ve been seeking for CQB...not to mention the default sling lugs are flimsy on these guns anyway. Do it my way!

I hope you enjoyed my entry on the customizations I\'ve performed on my two JG AUG A3 rifles...good day.



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