Experienced Airsofter, new to Forum

  • Hey guys!

    Airsoft life:

    I have been airsofting for many years now. I started playing in the legit fields when I was 10. I am 16 now, and over the years have became very knowledgeable in airsoft. I have been teching for 4 years, everything from repairing guns to upgrading for customers.

    Build Count:

    DMR's: 8
    CQB: 4
    Field: 3

    My experience might be low, but I take time in my work and ensure it is the best it can be. All customers 100% Satisfied :)

    I like everything nice and neat, so I usually only own one or two guns at a time. My current primary is a G&G blowback, which is heavily upgraded. Upgrades include lonex internals, hop-up mods, short stroking, the most common upgrades. I am getting over 23rps and 415 fps. Perfect for field.



    As I said, I'm very practical, I don't like big flashy guns that are bulky and heavy. I want a gun that fits me best, has good mobility, range, and I kick butt with :)
    Shooting Life:

    I love shooting. It's my life. I shoot rifles, shotguns, and handguns, but I only compete in shotguns and handguns. My favorite pistol is the Colt 1911, and favorite rifle is by far the M4 variant. I probably know more about real steel than airsoft.

    Personal Life:

    Born and raised in the south. You would call me... A "civilized redneck". I drive a lifted truck with mud tires, I like chicken and hot chicks :)

    That's about it! I'll post pics of my gear later when I have time. Any questions, please ask, enjoy!

    Also, my name is SubWay because subway is awesome ;)


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