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Old washed up vet (medic)...I love the sport - Enjoy everything about it. Run all around Northern Indiana, Southern Michigan, and Illinois...

XO for the 14th LID, and administrator for the Michiana Airsoft Coalition of over 250 local players, and going strong!

I do everything possible to bring more people in, and working on solutions for issues that drive people out.

Spend most time at Total Control in Niles, MI. (Team Field), Blast-Camp in Hobart, In., Hole in the Wall in Bangor, MI., and Kalamazoo Airhouse -

Still need to hit Sherwood Forest for one of their events - I\'ve heard good things and kick myself for not having gone there yet!

It\'s great having like-minded people in this sport, and look forward to meeting many of you on the field!



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