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I started playing airsoft when I was 14, and much like the vast majority of new players I had a crappy WalMart spring shotgun. I loved it, and thought it was the most epic thing a teenage boy could have. That is until my friend bought a Crossman C11 CO2 pistol. (Before it was nerfed). That gun was much better than my springer, but I was able to hold my own. Eventually all of my friends including me, my brother, and dad ended up getting a C11. We had tons of backyard battles in my woods. Naturally our skills started improving, so we decided it was time to try out our local field.

By this time we had decent AEG\'s, but sucky black crossdraw vests. We looked like newbs, but because we started out with spingers we learned to utilize and rely on tactics/movement/teamwork instead of firepower. We blew away the veteran players and started making a name for ourselves. It was funny seeing their faces when a bunch of little kids were wiping the floor with seasoned Mil-Sim players.

Eventually, we started collecting better gear from real manufactures such as EI, DBT, and LBT. Our local field made a scenario based around of our team, because we use German gear. (It was a game involving GSG-9). After The game our ref started calling us GSG-10, a fictional play off of GSG-9. We replaced the number ten with the Roman numeral, and thus we became know as GSG-X.

Fast forward a couple years, and two new members later we have become a solid sevan man team who realize teamwork and communication are far more important than kills. Our team has had the privilege to partake in simunition training, and a squad tactic classes run by retired U.S Army major john Bucciarelli AKA Blacksheep6. (Who also featured us in an article in the first issue of the nationally spread airsoft magazine \"Airsoft Insider\"). I am now also working on a 2009-2013 ksk impression.

We hope to see you on a field someday.



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