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Showcase cover image for FLYYE  Fast Attack Plate Carrier(FAPC) GEN2 +SideSet (shootercbgear)

General Information

The FAPC GEN2 + Side Set is a great compact, mobile plate carrier. Unlike most chest rigs, plate carriers offers more protection and a significant amount of accessories to choose from due to the MOLLE found on modern day vests. You can fit both front and back stand alone SAPI plates if needed, and soft armour inserts in the side panels.

The vest can be adjusted to any individual within the standard weight and height regulations. It can fit both heavier and light weight operators no problem.
It comes in a variety of colours such as black/khaki/coyote brown/ranger green/OD/multicam and now A-TAC's.

The Good: A great vest overall. The velcro has up to 20,000 uses so I doubt that it would wear out on me any time soon. There's a fair amount of MOLLE webbing located on the front, both sides and back of the vest. At the front of the vest lies a nifty kangaroo-type pouch that isn't too thick(It's used mainly for maps/pens/notepads). The side panels can be removed from the vest and the plate carrier CAN be worn without them for those hotter days. At the back of the vest located at the top is a drag handle sturdy enough to pull without worrying about it snapping. The vest also comes with two thick foam dummy plates for the front and back of the vest to keep the form(note that these plates CAN NOT STOP REAL BULLETS, THEY ARE MADE OF FOAM!). This is one monster of a vest everyone should own if they are a fan of plate carriers.

The Bad: Due to It's compact size, depending the person's height, the belly of the individual will be exposed. That can be changed by wearing a FLYYE MOLLE BLS Belt(that you can also pick up at I will be doing a review on the belt soon.

The Other: So let us recap my friends; It's a compact plate carrier that, if needed, can fit stand alone SAPI plates in both the front and back of the vest along with soft armour inserts for the sides. The sides can be removed. There is a drag handle located in the back and a map pouch in the front. It can be adjusted to mostly any sized individual but your belly can be exposed depending your height.

I was very content with my purchase and I have been using this vest for many OP's. I like to run my gear through the harshest of environments and It never let's me down.

You can snatch it up before It's too late at Remember, practicality overwhelms stupidity!

Play safe guys!



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