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General Information

Hello everyone, I am new to the forums. I wanted to start my first post with a review from a great chest rig I picked up from . First off, I would like to talk about where exactly I picked up the vest. I do not usually purchase from HK but this site intrigued my curiosity due to their prices. I decided to message them about the certain item and got a reply back within a few hours. I decided to take a gamble(I never really heard of the site before, unlike RedWolf or Ehobby) and purchase the vest. To my liking, it arrived within the week in a cardboard box and I was very satisfied with my purchase. The color I chose for the vest was khaki and is a bit darker than the usual khaki color found in other vests.

So let's start with the review, shall we?

I am the type of person that runs my gear through mostly any given situation. Mud, dirt, sand, water, etc etc. I obviously want the product to last, so most of my gear is FLYYE. I am a huge fan of 1000D cordura material(mil-spec, slick quality, made to last). Sure, you can purchase a 25$ vest if you fancy, but remember the quality. I personally do not want to dish out money every time a buckle breaks or strap snaps.

The Good: As I stated before, I do not want to drain my wallet, continuously purchasing new gear because the predecessor failed during the first OP. Out of the box(once you get past that HK smell that lingers within the fabric), the vest fit snug around me. With some adjustments it was perfect. I noticed that it would fit to any body type, large or small. It's a very simple rig, remember that. The two buckles that hold the straps are a strong polymer construction and will not break any time soon. There are four magazine pouches that can easily hold up to two m4 (5.56) magazines OR two 74/47 (5.45/7.62) mags. That gives you a grand total of 8 magazines to which I find more than enough. There is also a deep, buttoned pouch located right above the magazine pouches that can be easily accessed to if needed. You can store your map/compass/wallet/ID in there if necessary. It's a crossed, open back style rig that's absolutely fabulous for hotter/dry climates. It allows your body to breathe and not drown in your own sweat.

The Bad: I am a fan of plate carriers due to the added level of protection and MOLLE accessories to choose from. Since the rig does not have any MOLLE loops on the vest at all, I do find that a downside to the vest though it is not a big enough deal to complain about. There is really no beef to be picked with this vest. It is what it is.

The Other: So let us recap; It is a open back chest rig that has a utility pouch with four double magazine pouches that can fit almost any magazine and is completely adjustable to any size. It is made for hot/dry climates, does not have any MOLLE anywhere on the vest, It can not fit a plate or soft armor inserts(allthough I would suggest using this rig with the FLYYE SVS Personal Body Armor) and It comes in a variety of colors and camouflages: black/coyote brown/ranger green/OD/khaki/multicam and now A-TAC's. The price? 55$, the place? s . As I stated above, I would not suggest purchasing a vest from a no-name company and have it snap on your first OP. Pay a little more and don't be worried about getting it dirty or possibly torn. Remember, practicality overwhelms stupidity.

Thank you everyone and remember, play safe!



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