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Showcase cover image for FLYYE MOLLE BLS Belt (shootercbgear)

General Information

The battle belt is used amongst both operators and range shooters worldwide. It is known for it's slick style, excessive speed for drawing your magazines, utilities and overall practicality. Usually the battle belt is sported along side a plate carrier. For those on the range, it can be their very best friend. No one wants to fire rounds at a target all day and sweat while doing so.

I proudly own a FLYYE MOLLE BLS Belt that I had purchased from I usually run it with the FAPC GEN2 during most of my operations. It's comfortable and comes in three sizes(small, medium, large) as well as a large variety of colours and camouflages like OD/ranger green/khaki/coyote brown/multicam/black and A-TAC's that comes standard from the manufacturing plant at FLYYE.

The Good: It's lightweight with MOLLE webbing all around it for all your accessory needs. You can attach almost anything to it. The belt buckle is crafted out of a durable polymer and won't snap. This thing is made to take abuse and It's proud of it.

The Bad: It's fairly difficult to support a dump pouch or any equipment on the belt that holds up your pants because the BLS goes over your standard belt. Other than that there's not much.

The Other: Recap; It's a battle belt with MOLLE webbing all around it. It's lightweight, very durable and is kind of a pain to have with a dump pouch.

Thanks guys and remember, practicality overwhelms stupidity!



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