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I grew up in Texarkana and have always had a passion for guns and nature. Airsoft allowed me to combine the two without having to pay for hunting licenses (which are a travesty and absolute slap in the face of freedom [rants for five hours and passes out in an alleyway]) or drag an animal carcass out of the woods. I originally ran what I found comfortable and my level of play wasn\'t far above backyard shenanigans. I attended local fields and was like every other airsofter, except I actually had an inkling of knowledge concerning real firearms and their applications. I found out about East Wind, went to that, sucked at it because I was new, and kept right on trucking afterwards. Took a hiatus for some time while I moved around and got my life sorted out before getting back into the game in May. Thankfully I had kept most of my gear (still searching my shop building for my lost Elite Force 1911). I earned my callsign at East Wind. That\'s all anyone ever called me. \"F---in\' Kolt!\" ;)

I\'m currently co-captain of a local team that we haven\'t named yet. We train, work as a team, and have a semblance of uniformity concerning uniforms and weapons. This means we usually beat the brakes off every local team we encounter; I find myself surprised most of the people here that play airsoft are able to dress themselves at all (I\'m joking, but seriously, airsoft around here sucks, that\'s why I\'m leading this team). Currently our members all run either AK platforms or M14s. We are currently in the process of raising funds to move over to M16A1s for both practicality\'s sake and our upcoming LRRP impression. Exciting times!

In my free time I play a little guitar, which you will usually get to enjoy/endure at most ops I\'m at. I am a decent cook, or so I\'m told. Don\'t be afraid of coming to me for cigarettes, lunch, or a favor. If I\'ve got it and you ask, you can have it.

My style of playing is a strange mash up of hunter\'s tactics for hogs/coyotes, Larsen\'s Light Infantry Tactics, and countless Army field manuals. If you can work with this system, you and I will play well together and many great things will happen.



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