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Hey AS,
My name is Sean. I live in IL, near Edwardsville, and go to Bingfield a lot in my spare Saturdays. I've been playing airsoft going on 5 years now. I've had a lot of guns and games under my belt. I generally serve as a rifleman for my team, and am the primary strategist when we play. Of most of the the airsofters I generally play with, and excepting a few, I have some of the most experience in combat. Granted, there is room for improvement, and I'm not perfect, but I do know one or two things. While I'm not the best woodsman, it's primarily field/urban combat in which I excel best. To augment that, my AKS74 Wolverine (courtesy of ECHO 1 USA) shoots and works like a champ. The best gun I have ever owned, next to the KMP9. (I also call it the Burp gun.) I don't have the money for magazines for it though, so I use it as a sidearm, but am hoping to replace it with the KWA ATP. Beside that, my greatest ability is working with a well equipped, experienced team. I don't like working with a big team, but a small, precise, and clean cut crew of no more than 6 at best. Also, check out Zach J. C.'s player registry, one of the few I would want with me in a tough fight. I am also a recognized Zombie Hunter, having received training and experience in World War Z. I highly suggest the Zombie Survival Guide as well.
May your aim be true, and your shots truer,
Sean P. M.



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