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General Information

I got it used, then added some internal upgrades and alot of external stuff.

Here is a list:

Echo 1 master series MP5
G&P high speed gears
Bravo high performance Piston
Amp High-Torque Motor
6.03mm Tight Bore Barrel
M110 spring
Modify Torus Ver. 2 gearbox with 8mm bearings
wired to the back
there is probobly more, I just don't remember.

external stuff:
ICS reinforced full stock
ICS metal (upgrade from plastic) rear sight.
M4 flash hider
Matrix selector switch
ICS charging handle
random dot sight with G&P mount
AIM Mp5 mount
magpul AFG
random light
metal rails (don't know the brand.)
6 mags (4 high caps, 2 mids)

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