Full Gear list and Load Out Combos

  • Hi guys I'm Nathan I'm new to the forum but a veteran airsofter, been playing since 2005. Here's my gear then my load outs:


    G&P SAM-R
    KWA KM4 Carbine
    JG G36 C
    Golden Eagle G36 full size
    Tokyo Marui MP5k
    Bravo Short barrel fix stock 3rnd burst pump


    Tokyo Marui 1911 hi capa two tone
    WE 1911 A single stack black
    WE 1911 M.E.U single stack tan
    KJW G23 od green and black
    KJW M9
    WE 1911 hi capa

    Mad bull 203 with 3 stingers (24rnd)

    ThunderB 1x

    I have 3 vest
    Tan MPS usgi
    Multicam condor quick release
    Condor ACU full panel zipper center

    Outdoor Load out:

    MPS vest
    10 lo cap
    8 mid cap
    1 hi cap ( Hail Mary mag)
    Mad bull 203
    Thunder B
    WE Hi-capa 3 mags
    On drop leg


    MP5k/ bravo/ G36c
    Multicam quick release
    3 hi cap 250 rds ea. / 7 shells 10 rnd ea. / 3 hi capa
    TM hi capa 4 mags
    G23 2 mags
    TM on drop leg - g23 on left hip both at the same time
    Thunder B

    I alternate my gun s depending on the games and fields. I run 9.6v 4000mah large type on my Sam r and a small type 2300 mAH 9.6v on everything else. And a hydration pack on every load out.


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