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General Information

This is my oldest AEG and is and always has been my favorite in my arsenal. It\'s at least 5 years old and I\'ve had to do extensive repairs to the externals and all internal parts have been replaced by now, but it\'s still serving me well. I\'ve ran several different setups, mainly high speed setups, it had a DSG setup for a short while and I even attempted a DMR setup a couple years ago.

Now I\'ve gone for a low ROF, high FPS setup doing 420fps at 21rps. I\'m running a low ratio gear set combined with a high TPA motor for maximum trigger response. The active breaking computerized mosfet makes for a quite crispy trigger response. I\'ve also modified the trigger system to get a very short trigger pull so I can shoot quite rapidly in semi auto. I have also flat-hopped it and use high quality .30 gram BB\'s to get good range and accuracy. I haven\'t been able to measure the actual effective range, but the flat hop is definitely doing it\'s job.

It has a railed upper hand guard to attach a light and camera and the rear sight has been replaced by a rail for a red dot sight. I\'m very pleased with the current setup, it has proven itself as an effective medium to long range field rifle. (it obviously shoots waay too hot for CQB).

Parts and mods list:

VFC 8mm GB shell with G&P bearings
SHS 4th gen 12:1 ratio gears
Guarder SP120 spring
Dream Army dual o-ring nozzle
Lonex cylinder head
Lonex 50* bucking, flat hopped.
400mm DIY barrel, polished.
CYMA plastic hop-up chamber with DYI flat nub
DIY ported polished brass cylinder.
Deep Fire bearing spring guide.
CYMA 15T piston with CYMA nylon piston head, epoxied teeth rack..
G&G 27TPA armature in KA neo can
Lonex AK motor cage

Turnigy 16AWG silicone wiring in the stock, unknown brand silverplated 18AWG teflon wiring in the grip, 24AWG gate wires and Hobbyking XT Deans clone connectors.
It has a GATE MERF 3.2 computerized mosfet and is powered by a Gens Ace 11.1V 25C 2500mAh li-po.



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