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Showcase cover image for G&G Combat Machine M4 Raider Custom (DWA Hornet V4)

General Information

Base gun is G&G Combat Machine M4 Raider

Hop-Up Unit:
Madbull Black Python 363mm 6.03 tightbore barrel
Lonex hop-up chamber
Lonex 50 Degree hop-up bucking
Angel Custom H-nub hop-up nub

Angel Custom V2 AEG Upgrade Kit; ported cylinder, aluminum piston head with ball bearings, aluminum cylinder head
SHS aluminum air nozzle
Unknown brand M100 spring
SHS aluminum ball bearing spring guide
SHS 6mm steel bushings
Stock G&G gears
Stock G&G polycarbonate piston
Stock G&G cut-off lever
Stock G&G trigger assembly; wiring, contacts, trigger group, tappet plate
Stock G&G motor



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