g&g Top Tech HK 416

  • This is my new baby. Bought it mostly because the vfc version was out of stock, but I haven\'t regretted it so far. Internals are mainly factory stock. It came very accurate fresh out ot the box, hitting targets up to 200ft loaded with 0.25.

    Muzzle velocity is stable at 321/325 fps, so it\'s ready for CQB, apart from the fact that here in Spain, the assault rifle category is limited to 350fps.

    External parts come from an ACM Kit, including laser AN-PEQ, right angle grip, m4-2000 flash hider and HK-style buttstock.

    Sturdy and reliable parts. No problems with gimmick blowback, but if all I wanted was blowback, I would have bought a GBB.

    Desert camo paint is made out of Montana 94 spraypaint, which gives the gun as good a finish as the Krylon Spraypaint at one-third the price.

    Hope to get some upgrade ideas.


    Manufacturer: G&G
    Model name: TR-418 16.5 in. Barrel
    Gearbox type:V2
    Barrel width: 6.05mm
    Magazine: dBoys 190bbs STANAG type midcaps
    No internal upgrades yet


    ACM HK type buttstock
    ACM railguards
    ACM M4-2000 Flash hider
    ACM right-angle grip
    Chinese made AIMPOINT red dot. Surprisingly accurate.

    All for an approximate 500$, new.


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