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Showcase cover image for G&G Top Tech M14 EBR Long

General Information

Upgrades:SHS high torque motor, 7.4v 20c 5000mah venom lipo battery (wired to deans), 509mm 6.03 Prometheus TBB, Raptor RTX flat hop nub, Guarder black 70 degree hard bucking, Prometheus m135 linear spring, Deep Fire AUG style metal air nozzle, Airsoft GI G&G cylinder head, SHS 7mm bearings, version 3 SHS ball bearing spring guide, SHS piston head with bearings, SHS 15 (3 Steel) teeth piston, NcStar 3x9 40mm scope, magpul L2 MOE rail section fixed to the bottom of my heat guard, and a Tactical Weaver grip and Bipod.

Mods/Tuning:I teflon taped my inner barrel and hop up unit to secure my inner barrel inside of the outer barrel shell, and to prevent any air leaks from my hop up unit. I used floss to wrap my hop up bucking tight to ensure no air leaks as well.

Also, the hinges on my motor cage broke off due to the cheap pot metal used by G&G. To fix this, I cut out a half inch thick piece of packaging foam to place inside of the chamber where the motor sits. It helps cushion and push the motor back in place against gearbox, in doing so, the foam helped quiet the noise my gun makes when firing.

Like I mentioned above, I used a magpul mini rail to mount a bipod grip to my heat guard. To do this, I used the pre-existing holes on the bottom of my heat guard and had to drill out one of the holes to align the rail to match the guard.



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