• Here's my G&P M16A4 RAS, it's not my "flagship", but it gets the job done and is a nice backup if my AK should fail on me. It has a relatively simple setup, which does approx 36rps at 1.2 joules. The compression is 100% optimal, but it's good enough for what i need it to do. It has a basic mosfet unit, 24A PTC fuse and all that good stuff. It came with a vertical foregrip, and I bought a red dot sight, riser mount and 2 point sling for it.

    Internal upgrades:
    ZCI 13:1 ratio gears
    DA Ultra Torque motor
    SHS 15T piston
    Lonex POM piston head
    Lonex steel bearing spring guide
    DA M120 spring
    Partially rewired with Turnigy 16AWG silicone wiring.
    Basic IRLB3034 mosfet unit
    24A PTC fuse
    Hobbyking XT "Deans" contact
    Turnigy Nanotech A-spec 11.1V 65-130C 2200mAh li-po


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