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The G&P Full Metal M4 SOPMOD Airsoft Gun is a great value for a quality built gun with quality internal parts. This entire gun is made from G&P parts, one of the most well known airsoft companies in the world! This amazing gun is completely built from metal, except for the parts that are supposed to be plastic of course. The crane stock houses the battery and disguises the wires. The dust cover stays open to emulate firing a real gun; don't worry, the charging handle works to pull the imitation bolt back so you can access the hop up. The pistol grip is thinner than some other AEGs to emulate the feel of a real gun. The gearbox operation is smooth as silk, just like G&P's higher end AEGs. This is the perfect gun to be the base of an awesome project built, but it's also a great, reliable, gun for the budget minded airsofter.

-Airsoft GI


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