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General Information

This gun is my current primary. I have upgraded it with the following:
-Magpul CTR stock
-A2 motor grip
-ZCI 10\" Keymod RIS
-Magpul PTS ASAP sling mount

-JG Blue motor (Neodymium)
-SHS 12:1 Gen 4 gears with JG bevel. Sector is SS -3
-SHS 15 Tooth Blue Piston, Swiss-Cheesed and SS -3
-ZCI M130 spring
-G&P spring guide
-G&P 8mm bearings
-ProWin hopup chamber
-G&G Green bucking
-R hop
-3/16\" 70d Sorbothane pad with Neoprene protector
-DiY Mosfet
-32amp Poly Fuse

Besides this, I have re-shimmed, re-greased, corrected the AoE, and done other DiY mods including air seal mods.



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