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Showcase cover image for G&P M7A1 (M4SD Entry Carbine Build)

General Information

I did this build because I got a steal on the gun brand new (nearly 100$ off of the retail price) and decided to do a Special Purpose Carbine/Entry Carbine build with it. The internals are 100% stock, and lightning fast for being stock @ over 30 rps. The G&P stubby killer suppressor is set a few centimeters inside the RIS, giving it that covetedset-in suppressed look. I installed a Magpul Angled Forward Grip to give it that extremely natural point needed in an entry carbine, combined with the EOTech 551 replica to give the gun lightning fast, super effective target acquisition. I then added some basic black ladder rail covers cut and modified to fit the unique Troy RIS and said enough, because anything more other than perhaps a tactical weapon light would be more "tacticool" than practical. A very, very effective little's a short, loud, intimidating, natural pointing CQB weapon.



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