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Showcase cover image for G&P Navy Seal M4A1 Carbine

General Information

Newly upgraded, same gun as in my last entry, but somewhat different. I have basically changed all the internals.

The barrel is an Orga 6.23mm wide bore barrel. The hop-up system is an R-Hop. The motor is a G&P M180S Satan and the spring is an M140. I used a bore up kit for other parts. I am still using the G&P polycarbonate pistons. The gears are steel/titanium 18:1 sized gears. The gearbox shell is a Lonex shell.

Now for externals:
- G&P GP281-SF M4A1 (base gun)- G&P 130 round midcap polymer magazine- G&P 14.5\" standard length outer barrel- G&P ACOG TA01NSN replica- G&P RAS- G&P Polymer QD Raider Vertical Grip- G&P 6 position numbered buffer tube- Nitecore MH12 1000 lumen flashlight (attached scope ring mount)- Echo1 Mk1 Bayonet (not in these pictures, shown in original entry)- G&P Full Birdcage muzzle- Command Arms Accessories buttstock with battery compartment and rail system- UTG bipod
- Navy Seals Keychain
- 550 Paracord Survival Sling (includes a long strand of paracord, a compass, a survival whistle, and fire starter, and anything else you can build out of it)

I still like using just a 7.4v LiPo because I have an excess of them, but it works extremely well with an 11.1v LiPo as well. Compatible with any battery, so long it fits in the buttstock (rear-wired) and has a deans connector or can use an adapter that works with deans.

That\'s what it is now. Still some more upgrades coming to the internals, as well as my DBAL-A3 replica that should be coming in within 2 weeks. I am also mounting an additional 500mW green laser just because.



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