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Showcase cover image for G&P Navy Seal Team M4A1

General Information

This is a modified G&P M4A1 AEG with a custom receiver by Evike (somewhat). This features the G&P Skull Frog engraving on the left side of the receiver and the Punisher engraving on the right. This is basically identical to the original model ID GP281-SF-BK. It was originally GP281C-BK just swapped out with the Skull Frog receiver. Below is a list of modifications and the related:

- G&P GP281C-BK M4A1 (base gun)
- G&P Evike custom upper and lower Navy Seal receiver from GP281-SF-BK
- G&P 130 round midcap metal magazine
- G&P 14.5\" standard length outer barrel
- G&P ACOG TA01NSN replica
- G&P Polymer Vertical Grip
- G&P numbered buffer tube
- Nitecore MH12 1000 lumen flashlight (scope ring mount)
- Echo1 Mk1 Bayonet
- Unbranded Full Birdcage muzzle
- Command Arms Accessories buttstock with battery compartment and rail system
- UTG bipod

- Stock G&P gearbox shell
- Stock G&P steel gears
- Stock G&P polycarbonate piston
- Stock G&P piston head
- Stock G&P 6.05 mm diameter inner barrel
- Stock G&P M120 spring
- G&P M140 high torque motor
- Rear-wired gearbox
- G&P 7.4v 1200 mAh deans connector Lithium-Polymer battery

Additional Notes:
- This gun is heavily modified externally, but pretty much stock on the inside besides the G&P M140 high torque motor
- The receiver is based off the original G&P GP707B Skull Frog receiver
- This gun is more of a display gun than field gun, although it performs well in the field (though the spring requires downgrading to play at most of my local fields)
- I plan on adding a DBAL PEQ-15 replica by G&P (GP959) soon on top
- I like G&P a lot for realisticness and looks, so I felt like using a lot of G&P externals (as you can see from the extensive list above) as well as the G&P battery and M140 motor

Closing words:
This is my first post on the forum, and I will head over to the introductions section after this to make another post. I\'ve played airsoft for a while casually, but am deciding to get more into the sport. I have a lot of great high end guns, just not as much as actual gear for playing on the fields as I should have. Feel free to respond, if I did something wrong or whatnot. Thank you for reading, and I hope to hear from you guys :)

Best regards,
~ Andrew



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