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This is a good sidearm. It works better than other metal slide GBB\'s in the winter. The gun has a nice finish. The fire selector switch works well and clicks into place well and it feels solid. There is a slight color difference between the slide and the frame, the slide has a slight gray tone to it while the frame is Matt black. The safety trigger works just as the real one does, so no need for a safety even thought the serial plate also doubles as a safety, it is a bit stiff to move though. The gun fires wit ha crisp and clean action and locks back on empty. Gas can hold enough for around 1 and 1/2 mags. All in all for the price a very good gun. The gun is Tokyo Marui compatible almost all components that will fit the TM will fit the WE model. Word of warning. If you plan to buy a Blackhawk serpa holster, do not buy the one made for the Glock 17 as the slide dimensions of the WE modal are slightly bigger than the real one. Buy a serpa holster made for the Glock 20 or 21 as it fits perfectly. I know as I have tried both holsters and it only fits in the one made for the Glock 20/21. There are a few videos on YouTube explaining this as well.
One bad thing this being a issue on all metal slide guns, even though it works well in the cold compared to other metal slided GBB\'s, it is still not going to be as good as a plastic slided TM model. Also it the paint can scratch after heavy use 6-12 months, nothing really bad thought.


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