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I've owned this gun for well over 2 months, I got it back in O...more>>
ctober and was probably the first to get the new blowback version. I say this becuase there are numbers on the reviever and I have #1(its engraved like this 00001).

Anyway, back to this amazing gun. When I first opened up the box and took it out, I was impressed. Everything felt solid and nicely put together. I could tell it was made with great materials and was put together by a pro. I was absolutely amazing by the quality.

At first when I got then gun I thought it was ~330fps becuase that is the fps on ASGI (before the full release of blowback). But when I took it to a field for the first time it cronoed from 351-354 over a 4 shot test. I was extremely impressed with the consistent fps. I can hit a box around the size of a standard piece of paper at ~120ft w/ a .2g. A .2g!

The barrel and RIS are solid with NO WOBBLE! The crane stock is nice and smooth with slight wobble (if there was no wobble it wouldn't move at all right!?) The gun has a nice feel in my hands. The textured handle is nice. The polymer body is light, but I can tell it is strong. The G&G logo is nicely put on the reviever. Flip up sights work great and don't shake around and lock in place well. The gun weights about 6 lbs with just the gun and the empty high cap.

Works nice and smooth. Sounds good unlike the clanky CA blowback. I really like and this 1 guy was impressed with how it sounded (he had a CA blowback M4).

Need I say more than G&G?

Turns heads at the look sleek and smooth sound when firing
Has a great feel
Cheap for the great quality and care taken to put it together (thanks to the ASGI Techs)
Consistent fps
Solid everywhere! (with only minor wobble in the stock, which is fine)
Great flip up sights
Awesome engaving. The mag says 5.56 x 45, the G&G Logo, and on the barrel there is also a 5.56mm NATO (something like that, may be a little other stuff).
Blowback is fantastic!

All around a fantastic gun for beginners and veterans alike!

Oh ya! And it has the great G&G Internals and Externals (stock, mag, reviever).

Uhh.......You don't have it yet! I really have nothing to complain about. NOTHING!



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