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Figure I don't need any pictures as there are plenty around. You will either here me coming with my classics, and run in fear, or, you won't ever see or hear me and be tagged by my cross field Desert Eagle shots. I'm the one jumping out of second story windows while chasing after people, breaching doors, walls, and whatever else is in my way.

Generally wacked out on the field, and always up for a good old fashioned fist fight if people have issues with me on the field.

Spend most of my playing time filming rather than playing, but when I do, I'm a force to be feared. People who question it, are generally out before they know what hit them.

I don't rely on Green Gas or Propane, which is the reason I'm so effective with my DE. High FPS with heavy rounds, and NO refills. I can speed load DE mags faster than most people can change an already filled magazine.

Guess the one thing unique about me is I'm always the one WAY behind enemy lines, cheap shotting people from behind, and sneaking up on them for surrenders. Night games are even more fun in this regard.


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