• I am a co-founder and member of S.T.A.G airsoft team of the hill county in Texas. I just recently became the head of S.T.A.G. as the former is headin off to Westpoint. I am a rifleman in Squad Bravo. I love playing airsoft and began playing airsoft when I was 7 and got my first real AEG at age 12. I've gone through several guns and have 3 at the moment. I can do basic teching and I have done most of that with my G36. My dream is to go to a MilSim and hopefully that will happen soon as I just got my driving license. Long Live the Society!

    S.T.A.G. facebook page:

    STAG strives to build Teamwork, Leadership, Perseverance, and Accountability through the sport of airsoft. STAG desires to bring others to enjoy the sport we so love. STAG also upholds the honor associated with airsoft. We always call our hits and never back down from a fight. STAG is here to play airsoft.

    STAG was created to unify some of the Hill Country's Airsoft players. STAG is about enjoying the game by playing it to the best of our ability, and taking pride in our sport. We focus on teamwork, leadership, perseverance, and accountability in all aspects of Airsoft. STAG is open to the public to join, and the more the merrier. We encourage everyone from amateurs to professionals and retired military to join in on one of the fastest growing sports in the world. STAG is a group of all ages with the desire to play Airsoft.


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