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Hi all

player in the UK for the last three years and am in the lucky position that my wife plays alongside me, which makes things so much easier when im justifying buying a new gun or part.

I currently play mainly indoor CQB with a bit of woodland gaming every so often. definately prefer my local cqb site which is really close range and tight to get round.

my first load out was a ASG sportline M15 with a WE P226 based purely on liking them and knowing nothing about airsoft, my kit included a suit of british army Osprey to carry everything which nearly killed me during my first year as it weighs almost the same as me!

upgraded to a warrior assault systems battle belt for cqb and have just added a warrior DCS plate carrier for some extra molle area for longer games.

I tend to play as a grenadier with either an underslung g.l. or a grenade pistol with a hip panel carrying the grenades.

biggest game so far was a weekend game at the British army training grounds at eastmere, this is the facility recreating afghan terrain. the event was around 250 players with 2 all night games and an 8 man patrol competition run by ex army trainers.

i have,t got any pics of my kit at the minute but ill try to add some soon


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