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Hello all. I'm a player from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Here are my details: Name - Zairich Callsign - Don Age - 32 Occupation - Businessman My load out: - King Arms M4 RIS with upgraded internals 430fps @ 0.25g - G&G M16A4 also upgraded as DMR with 500+ fps @ 0.25g - UMAREX HK 417 stock - UMAREX UMP45 stock - ICS MP5J upgraded to 400fps @ 0.25g - King Arms AK47 tapco upgraded to 400fps @ 0.25g - WELL L96 upgraded to 500+ fps @ 0.28g - UMAREX USP45 stock - KSC SP2022 stock - KSC G18C w RONI carbine kit - Magpul FPG - A&K M249 Minime stock Here in Malaysia soon airsoft will be fully legalized. I do hope in near future players from USA and Europe can attend to Malaysia's airsoft event and gamesites. We have vast tropical jungle and will arrange for a proper airsoft park to cater for international players. We looking forward to become the best in Asia in providing proper facilities for airsofting and we also have plan to organize international tournament and I will update on this soon. Thanks and have a glorious day ahead! Zairich on behalf of Airsoft Malaysia Team (AMT). View attachment 863



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