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Showcase cover image for 'Groin' The Grunt

General Information

This is a G-R-O-I-N-S soldier.

He is oftenly misconsepted for the human male pubic area, but this is wrong.

G-R-O-I-N-S is a shortening of the name "The Groin Rapidly-deployed Overkitted Intercepting Naval Strike Forces".

This is a intentionally overdone name, of humorous reasons - Based off
of a Facebook mistake, where a teammember of "Groin" mistook his last
name "Goin" for "Groin", due to an "R" in the middle name.

A spec-ops GROIN

Worn helmet

A GROIN from the front. A few items missing here.

Morale patches on the left arm...

And club patch on the right.

The GROINS uniform

Left side view of the belt

Right side view of the belt

A GROINS Chest rig

GROINS Chest rig and belt


Overkitted GROINS helmet

Kit list for a GROINS-Soldier:


Olive green MICH-2000 replica

Blackhawk balaclava (For winter)

OD Shemagh (For winter/windy)

PVS-14 Dummy replica

OD Retention straps

MICH 2000 NVG Bracket.


Strike Systems Tactical Goggles

REAL STEEL MICH 2000 chinstraps. (ooh)


Norwegian M/2000 Uniform (Woodland)

Pantac WSH Chest Rig (OD)

Pantac Admin pouch w/ Pistol single mag pouch (OD)

Pantac Dehydration backpack 3-4 litres. (OD)

Various patches of choice.

Green lightstick (Just in case)

Throat mic

Pantac MBSS Backpack


Condor tactical belt (OD)

Pantac accessories pouch (OD)

Pouch of choice for death rag.

Mounts for SERPA on the belt.

Norwegian M/2000 Pants

Kneepads (OD)

BlackHawk SERPA Level 3 M9 holster (FG)

Boots of own choice.

More precise kitlist with links will follow.

Normally an M4 can be seen equippen on a GROINS-Unit. this was being upgraded at the time of the pictures.



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