Ground Zero Outdoor field

  • Wilcott,CT

Recent Reviews

  1. Cothonian
    "Wasted Potential"
    Pros - Game Modes
    Wooded Terrain
    Functional Medic Rules
    Cons - Rampant Drug Use
    Terrible Reffing
    Badly Maintained
    I would like to rate this field higher, but it has issues.

    Field is overall ill maintained and falling apart. Disagreements with new neighbors have resulted in large portions of the field being sealed off and unusable. Drug use is rampant, and the refs partake in said use. Larger teams do as they please unchecked.

    Game modes and rules are solid, but near to no one on the field knows them. It's rare that the refs actually bring everyone together and discuss the rules.

    Unfortunately, there's really no where else to go for airsoft in CT.
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