Herz's Atacs FG loadout

  • Currently still working on the loadout.

    Running a total of 8+1 mags for the primary and 1+1 for the Secondary.

    1st and 2nd line currently arent finished.

    Random ballcap when needed.
    ESS NVG's
    Mich replica for GoPro

    Propper Atacs FG combat shirt and acu cut pants
    Condor kneepads

    Belleville Tactical Research Maintainers

    2nd line:
    Pantac Weesatch (Looking for a replacement atm)
    Condor hydration carrier (Replacing with Warrior assault systems Atacs FG carrier)
    Hydration carrier replaced by a Coyote Tan Blackhawk Side Carrier.
    3.0l camelbak bladder
    Warrior assault systems Atacs FG Admin pouch
    Real deal Level III plate upfront (Offsets the Bladder nicely)
    HSGI Smoke green shoulder pads
    6 mids mainhand 2 mids offhand
    Random brand 1pt sling
    Planning on ordering Esstac kywi inserts

    1st line:
    Blackhawk enhanced web belt
    Blackhawk enhanced padded belt
    Warrior Assault Systems Atacs FG dump pouch. (Still waiting on this...)
    Still planning out what all I need on the belt
    Need a strike kit for my Hi-Capas Serpa. Aswell as picking up a Serpa for the 5-7 so I can start running it.


    Classic Army M15A4 X-Series base

    Safe-Semi-3rd Burst/Full programmed in mosfet
    8+1 Midcaps

    Noveske 12.6" rail
    Swan sleeve
    SVG for handstop
    Mix of KAC and XTM Rail covers
    SPR pistol grip
    Eotech replica

    King Arms 7mm Gearbox
    Systema Magnum
    Guarder Infinite torque up kit (Gears,spring,piston have been replaced to shoot around 430 for now. SP150 will go back in when I find another main gun to fix)
    Extreme-Fire Panther
    16awg wiring
    Ajax STS
    Prometheus 455mm TBB
    Guarder one piece hopup
    Firefly bucking

    Tokyo Marui MP5A4
    Same gun I've owned since I was 13. Over 10+ years old and still running like a champ.
    8 or so mids and a few highcaps.

    Top rail
    Aimpoint replica on cantilever mount
    Smith replica supressor
    ICS cocking tube and sights
    CYMA RIS once I get the correct outer barrel to dremel down and use

    Orig TM gearbox with the needed upgrades to shoot around 360fps
    Extended Madbull tightbore with stock TM Hopup and bucking.
    Infected Armory Mosfet

    KWA LM4
    Currently a WIP. Just has a crane stock and waiting on what rail I'd like to run aswell as more magazines. One mag means no fielding yet :

    Magpul M4
    G&P Gearbox
    Systema silent piston set
    SHS 16:1's
    Systema Magnum
    IA Mosfet to buffer tube
    Prowin hopup
    300mm Prommy tightbore
    Firefly bucking


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