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General Information

Purchased this gun as a brand new X-Series back in 09 or so.

List of parts:
King Arms 7mm ball bearing gearbox
Ajax STS
Guarder hopup
Firefly bucking
Prometheus 455mm inner barrel
Guarder SP150 tune up kit (Currently swapped the piston, spring and gears out to run a lower FPS for a field rifle. But I swap it back in on occasion for sniper duties)
Systema Magnum (Grounding issue addressed and new pinion I plan to put on)
Extreme-fire Panther (Setup for 3rd burst

CA Armalite body
Noveske 12.6" rail
SPR 18" barrel
Vortex flash hider
SPR swan sleeve and sights
SPR pistol grip.
Replaced SVG with AFG

Plan to change this later on for a few magpul goodies.
Should be painting it soon aswell



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