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Hey everyone, my name's Scott. But everyone calls me Pilgrim or Eagle-Eye (My Callsign). I've been doing Airsoft for a while now but to give the facts I'll just do a little fact file. Name: Scott Age: 15 From: Wales, United Kingdom How long Airsofting?: 6 months or so Weapons: (I'm about to buy the pistol brand new and the rifle I'm getting for my birthday next month): G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider-L AEG, ASG Zastava CZ99 AEP. Other gear (I already have most of this): Woodland Combat Jacket, Woodland Combat Pants, 303 USMC DT Combat Vest. Mags I use (Already bought all these besides the high-cap, which comes with my rifle): 1 G&G 450 Round High-Cap, 3 AS 120 Round Mid Caps, 4 ASG CZ99/G18C 29 Round Stick Mags. Local Sites I go to: Alpha-Five-Five Halkyn, The Manor Warrington. Other Hobbies: Games Workshop, Video Games.


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