HK MR762

  • Wanted another HK gbb to add to my collection.Didn\'t want another 417 as I own to aeg\'s versions so decided to build an MR762.RS HK slim adjustable stock with adjustable cheek riser.RS HK MR762 pistol grip.Angel Custom trigger guard,muzzle break,VFC G28 handguard,G&P Leupold replica scope,bipod and a few little Magpul and JBU bits to make it a little more user friendly.Internally I have Tierling heavy hammer spring,and buffer spring.Being as this started life out as a Gen1 417,I had to get the VFC NPAS for it myself.ML 60 degree autobot bucking and a prommy 6.03mmX550mm unbridged VSR barrel.There is still very little in the way of aftermarket support for this so its an on going project.Enjoy!


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