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General Information

I\'m trying to get rid of my HK417 with a SMP in it. The gun shooting amazingly and has new internal upgrades. This kit comes with everything you need for a HPA DMR setup. The SMP is already installed and ready to go. This has the original SMP and is a great DMR setup. Two of the mags are damaged but still work and feed well. If you have any question please PM me or comment. Thanks----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE**NO TRADES|NO EXCEPTION**PM OR COMMENT IF INTERESTED**SHIPPING WILL BE TALKED ABOUT BY THE BUYER AND I*----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The DMR KIT comes with:VFC Hk417 with SMP ( 600$~)Amped Airsoft Line (35$)Amped Airsoft Regulator (85$)Ninja Air Compresses Tank (65$)Dagger Defense T1 Optic (37$)QD Mock Suppressor (40$)5 Hk417 Mid-Caps (119$)VFC 20\" Sniper Conversion Kit for HK417 (140$)MAGPUL Front & Rear MBUS Sights (80$~)Prometheus 6.03 EG Tight Bore 509mm (56$)(FinalCostNew=1257$~)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Email me for questions:[email protected]



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