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I\'m 31, and played paintball for 16 years. 8 of those in an amatuer 15 man speedball team, 3 years as team captain. The expense became too great, and the team fell apart.

I started playing airsoft in the spring of 2015. I knew it was something I would love, so I purchased the whole loadout before my first game. At my first game I was approached by the captain of Extreme Prejudice Airsoft and asked to join. Our team will be hosting it\'s first MilSim event this summer, 2016.

I played front man in paintball, so it makes sense to me to play rifleman. I prefer to push hard. I also have real world CQB experience on a police Rapid Response Team. This means I get \"volunteered\" to clear buildings. My confidence doing this was shaken the first time I did it when a 12 year old girl with pink hair gave me quite the fat lip. Right in the kisser!

I love this sport more than I did paintball. The only thing I miss are the huge games. Im still pretty new, and have a lot to learn. At least I have refrained from tinkering on my gun. I broke a lot of paintball markers learning I\'m not mechanically inclined.



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